Gabrielle Hogg: Making a difference

   AUT student Gabrielle Hogg wants to make a difference. When she is not studying, Gabrielle has become an advocate for issues relating to autism and neural diversity.   Gabrielle has started her own organisation, Autistic Advocacy Network New Zealand, aimed at advocating for neuro-diversity and bringing the neuro-developmental community together to fight for better […]

Auckland DHBs treat consumer reps with contempt

Disability community representatives have been dropped from District Health Board governance committees all across Auckland, ahead of a regional merger, claims disabled leader and advocate Ezekiel Robson.   “I was dumped after twelve years of voluntary service with barely a ‘thank you’ from Counties Manukau Health,” said Ezekiel. “It was pretty insincere.” the vision impaired […]

Walking my way

by Brendan Murphy A sense of humour is quite a handy thing to have around at times. Other times, it’s not such a great thing. Still other times, it’s kind of hard to find something funny in a certain situation. Growing up non-disabled was pretty easy for me. Pakeha, male in the sixties, seventies and eighties, […]

Reflections on being patronised

By Sue Sherrard, Disability Action Team Leader   Twice this past week I have been reminded of what a long way we still have to go with attitudinal change. 2001 was when the first Disability Strategy came out and during the development of that work disabled people said that other people’s attitudes were the biggest […]