Reflections on being patronised

By Sue Sherrard, Disability Action Team Leader   Twice this past week I have been reminded of what a long way we still have to go with attitudinal change. 2001 was when the first Disability Strategy came out and during the development of that work disabled people said that other people’s attitudes were the biggest […]

The fine art of complaining

by Patti Poa, DAA member   I love Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares – it makes for some good binge TV watching. I like it because it gives me such a good feeling to know that even the worst situations can be fixed. A common thread in this series is that Americans always complain about their […]

Good news from the Auckland LAC Chair

  On 15 February, Auckland LAC Chair Allyson Hamblett went to Wellington to make a submission to the Government and Administration select committee about simplifying the process for trans, intersex and gender diverse people to change their gender on their birth and citizenship certificates.   Allyson had been through the process in 2006.  The legal process at […]